backdrop of DNA art

Art from Your DNA

Discover the Journey Behind Each Masterpiece.

Your DNA is a natural wonder. It contains the story of your ancestry and your identity.
At Genetic Ink, we marry art and science to produce stunning, gallery-quality art to express the essence of who you are, your DNA.

1. Imagine

Imagine designing a flower. The color of its petals, the length of its stems, the shape of its leaves all define its beauty. But the individual flower will be unique according to its own DNA.

At Genetic Ink, we work with top artists, designers and engineers to create unique, beautiful, thought provoking DNA Art. Each piece begins with an Art Style, a generative algorithm that defines the colors, shapes and relationships of the artist's concept. The Art Style is fed your unique genetic code, which results in your one of a kind DNA Art.

DNA artwork collection Pictured: Spark art style by Mathieu Daudelin.

2. Express

Like a portrait by Leonardo, each piece of DNA Art must convey the essence of its subject, you. That's why we make you its co-creator.

Choose from 17 color schemes and 4 canvas sizes to perfectly fit you and your environment.

DNA Collection Kit

3. Collect

Upon selecting your DNA Art Style at, we send you a DNA collection kit, perfect for you, your kids, dogs or cats. Just swab your cheek with the cotton tip, place it in the collection tube, and return it to us in the postage pre-paid envelope.

4. Magic

Upon receiving your DNA collection kit, our CLIA-certified, FDA-approved genetic lab uses state of the art Sanger Sequencing to sequence your DNA. This code is fed into your chosen DNA Art Style, producing your 100% unique piece of DNA Art.

Your DNA Art is then printed onto 12.2 ounce, premium cotton blend stretched canvas using an ultra-high resolution, giclée fine art printing process.

Now, your unique, gallery-quality piece of DNA Art is ready.

Show the world

Show the World

DNA Art is a unique, personal and beautiful way to decorate your environment.
Release your inner masterpiece and share the beauty with family and friends.

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Secure Privacy

Our FDA-approved, CLIA-certified DNA processing lab has met rigorous industry standards for efficacy, privacy and security.

All samples are sent to the lab and treated anonymously. Upon receipt, your cheek swab sample will be assigned a randomized number, which will be its only identifier in the lab. The lab has absolutely no access to personal or identifying information.

All samples are destroyed immediately after sequencing. Your DNA data is stored in a multi-layer, 256-bit encrypted database, exponentially more secure than current online security standards employed by major banks and retailers.

Your DNA data is used ONLY to create DNA Art you have requested and is not shared, rented, or otherwise compromised under any circumstances.