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From Your DNA

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DNA Art In 4 Simple Steps



Personalize your DNA Art Style by choosing from 17 color schemes and 4 canvas sizes.



We'll send you a personal DNA Collection Kit. Swab your cheek and mail it to our CLIA certified, FDA approved genetic lab.



There, we'll sequence your DNA through a secure and anonymous process to produce your custom, one-of-a-kind piece.



Your new art piece will arrive, ready to hang and share with your friends and family. Voila! Release your inner masterpiece.

dna print art Pictured: Spark art style by Mathieu Daudelin.

17 Color Schemes for Any Environment

Co-create your DNA Art by picking your perfect colors and art options inside and we'll send you your Cheek Swab DNA Collection Kit to begin. The previews depict the colors, shapes and relationships of our collaborating artist's concept, but your art will be unique to your DNA.

The most interesting thing you can put on your wall… the ultimate conversation starter.

Jay Baer
NYT Bestselling Author

Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Your new art piece is crafted on
premium 12.2 ounce cotton-blend stretch canvas
and printed in a giclée fine art printing technique.
Delivering your piece in perfect detail.

If you don't absolutely love your artwork, return it.
We'll fully refund you. No questions asked.

Create Yours Now
100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Secure Privacy

Our FDA-approved, CLIA-certified DNA processing lab has met rigorous industry standards for efficacy, privacy and security.

All samples are sent to the lab and treated anonymously. Upon receipt, your cheek swab sample will be assigned a randomized number, which will be its only identifier in the lab. The lab has absolutely no access to personal or identifying information.

All samples are destroyed immediately after sequencing. Your DNA data is stored in a multi-layer, 256-bit encrypted database, exponentially more secure than current online security standards employed by major banks and retailers.

Your DNA data is used ONLY to create DNA Art you have requested and is not shared, rented, or otherwise compromised under any circumstances.